'Adrenalin Switched on all the Time'


‘Adrenalin switched on all the time’


This is a line from a song in next year’s Wounded Soldiers (the song has already been cut unfortunately, sob sob) and it pretty much describes the state I’ve been in since mid-May. It’s only now as the end of the season approaches (get your tickets, hint, hint) that I fully realize how overwhelming the whole summer experience is for yours truly. In 4 weeks we put together the epic Winslows of Derryvore with a cast of 70 and in 3 weeks I created 9 characters for The Real McCoy, a fantastic production now well into its run. When you add to this scenario the fact that everything takes place on the farm where I live, I can only describe the summer as a whirling personal circus. It is extremely exhilarating to be at the nexus of such dramatic goings on, to experience all the personalities, all the energies, all the excitement…it is the furthest thing from being an only child on the farm of my youth. 


And yet….the other night as I was sitting in my dressing room (former cow stall) before a performance of The Real McCoy I could still barely smell the scent of Mary or Skeeter or whatever cow was tied up there during milking time when I was a boy…and I thought how strange to be sitting in this same stall, transformed utterly in purpose, all these years later waiting to face a full house of 350 theatre patrons in what was the old barnyard of milk pails, livestock and lively interchanges with my dad over what chores I should be doing…could there be anything stranger? Life is… well, life is full of that magic. 

Adrenalin ain’t so bad after all.


Rob Winslow

Photo by: Lindy Powell