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Artist Talk Series

Kim Blackwell In Conversation With...


Sedina is a Toronto-based performer, producer, director, creator and activist for stage and screen. Proudly Black and queer, Sedina is deeply invested in artistic work that explores the intersection between art and activism, either in form or structure or ideally both.

Favourite and recent artistic projects: Every Day She Rose (Nightwood Theatre, co-director), Switch: The Village (collective member, QTBIPOC street performance, Buddies in Bad Times 2018 & 2019), Feminist Fuck It Festival (multidisciplinary festival, co-creator and co-producer), “Tokens” (performer, web series).


Sedina Fiati is no stranger to 4th Line, having been a frequent performer in various workshops and performed as Mamie on the 4th Line Stage in 2012 in Queen Marie and was Assistant Director for The Bad Luck Bank Robbers in 2015. She also performed in The Blind Eye with Mysterious Entity in 2017. Upcoming projects: Switching Queen(s) (devised street performance),” Last Dance” (a web series). 

Sedina Fiati

Artist Talk Series    Tuesday, September 8th 2020 at 7:00 pm  Sedina Fiati

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