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Edward Belanger
Fight Director - The Great Shadow, Wishful Seeing

Edward Belanger.jpg

Edward has really missed the magic of the “farm.” He has had the great pleasure of working as 4th Line's Fight Director since 2004! Other 4th Line shows include: A History of Drinking in Cavan, Carmel, Who Killed Snow White?, Wounded Soldiers, The Bad Luck Bank Robbers, The Winslows of Derryvore, Schoolhouse, The Art of Silent Killing, Doctor Barnardo’s Children and The Cavan Blazers (2004, 2011).  Edward is a high school drama teacher in Toronto. Highlights include productions of Mamma Mia!, The Laramie Project, Our Town, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Outsiders and Schoolhouse. Acting credits include: The Cavan Blazers (4th Line Theatre); As You Like It (Canadian Stage); Mamma Mia! (Mirvish Productions); Mary’s Wedding (Prairie Theatre Exchange); Romeo and Juliet (Regina’s Globe Theatre); The Wizard of Oz (The Grand Theatre, London); and Amadeus (Studio Theatre, Edmonton).  Edward is a CAEA fight director and trained with Fight Directors Canada.

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