New Play Development

4th Line implements a five-phase New Play Development Program that supports the research, creation and workshopping of projects destined for production. Often works are in development for three years before they are presented on the Winslow Farm stage.


PHASE 1: Seeding
Through a biennial new play competition, themes and ideas for plays are submitted. Successful playwrights receive “seed” funding to begin work with community members through reminiscences, soundings and/or interviews.


PHASE 2: Breaking Ground
4th Line’s seeded writers further develop their work through a workshop with a director and actors for Breaking Ground where the public is invited to hear the work.


PHASE 3: Commissions
Once a playwright completes Breaking Ground, the project is considered for commissioning to create a first draft.


PHASE 4: Intensive Development and Production Workshops
First drafts selected for presentation are further developed in production workshops.


PHASE 5: First Look (biennial)
Workshopped scripts are given a public reading as part of 4th Line’s summer season.


New play development is critical to the success of 4th Line Theatre, making this program integral to matching professional playwrights with our theatre and its particular aesthetic, thereby providing Canadian artists with a challenging, supportive and exciting creative experience, and in the process promoting regional cultural development and the creation of high-quality scripts for our audience.