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Justin Hiscox
Musical Director/Composer; Actor – 
The Tilco Strike
Musical Director/Composer; Actor – 
Wishful Seeing

Justin Hiscox is a composer and multi-instrumentalist.  He provides music direction for 4th Line Theatre, TimberBeast Productions (Gravenhurst), and The Anne Shirley Theatre Company (Trent University). He acts as music supervisor for the Thomas A. Stewart Musical Theatre Program and has also music directed for The Peterborough Theatre Guild and St. James Players. Justin studied composition with James Tenney and Free Experimental Improvisation with Casey Sokol at York University.  Justin is a conductor at Peterborough New Horizons Bands, is the leader of Otis And The Honeylambs (a traditional New Orleans Jazz Band) and is the founder of Davy Jones' Locker, Canada's first and loudest seashell choir.

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