The many shades between light and dark:

Art vs. COVID 19  in '20-'21 

Artists, Performers , Musicians and  Directors  reflect upon their life changing experiences during the  COVID 19 era , sharing their thoughts and feelings.

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We are so excited to launch, as part of our ongoing virtual programming, Nexicom Presents 4th Line Theatre @ Home,  the release of twelve more episodes in Steάfάn Hannigan’s artist documentary series, The many shades between light and dark: Art vs. COVID-19 in ‘20-‘21.  We debuted the first episode in the series, featuring Marsala Lukianchuk, as part of our Digital Festival of Light and Dark in January. The series showcases arts workers—actors, performers, artists, musicians, directors and technicians—who work in Peterborough, Millbrook, Cobourg, Port Hope and Toronto.


Each episode in the series features an arts worker reflecting upon their life-changing experiences during the COVID-19 era. New episodes will be released weekly on our YouTube channel beginning Thursday, February 18, 2021.

As an artist, Hannigan has experienced first-hand the difficulties of making a living during this precarious time. “We have lived with COVID-19 for over a year now. People in the theatre world and other performers have been hit hard,” explains Hannigan. “I wanted to document their thoughts, feelings and experiences.”

This series is sponsored by Nexicom, who have always been an advocate of the importance of community connectivity. Thanks to their generous support, all videos in the series can be accessed by the public free-of-charge.

The twelve remaining episodes will be released here and on our YouTube channel: for viewing beginning Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 12:00 PM. New episodes will be released every Thursday until May 6th. 

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Managing Artistic Director

“When I sat down with Steάfάn to discuss COVID and 4th Line Theatre, I realized that his interviews with regional artists would be an important project, to capture this moment in time and COVID's effect on the arts community.”

Steάfάn Hannigan


Steάfάn has been a technical director, head carpenter, musician, audio technician, set builder, painter and actor and that is just at 4th Line! Steafan is currently Technical Director of Jumblies Theatre in Toronto. He is also working with Spiderwoman Theatre out of New York on two projects, an Indigenous radio play: Town of Little Sagas, and the play Misdemeanour Dreams to be performed in the Fall of 2021 in New York City. Canadian theatre highlights include: Come from Away; Nuit Blanche; Toronto Fringe; Education Arts Canada; TaDa Festival; NAC Ottawa, Weesageechak Begins to Dance Festival; Voices from the Adoption files. He has worked as a technical director for Soulpepper; Education Arts Canada; 4th Line; Lighthouse; Prince Edward County Players; Jumblies; Anmaitaagzi; Thinking Rock Community Arts; Odaabaanag LaL at MoMa, Sol Express; SWANS; Capitol Theatre