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4th Line Theatre is a not-for-profit, cultural, charitable organization that heavily relies on monetary donations, ticket sales, government funding, advertising and sponsorship support to ensure our success year after year.

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What a very different year 2021 was from the one we had hoped! There has been so much loss and sadness related to the pandemic and at the same time, much joy here at 4th Line. We came back strongly with limited programming at the Farm and it was wonderful to see many of you there! The pandemic forced us to stop the normal course of our art making but it did not stop us altogether. We became more nimble and flexible and seized opportunities when they presented themselves. And we made our own opportunities. We hosted online artist and business talks, digital festivals and documentaries. We created our amazing young company. We keep moving forward, with the priority being to continue to make connections between community and artists. We ask you to consider supporting us this year. We hope you love 4th Line Theatre and recognize the impact we have on our community.


As we look ahead to 2022 and our 30th Anniversary season, we plan to celebrate with two world premieres (finally!) - in July, Alex Poch-Goldin’s The Great Shadow; in August, Maja Ardal’s murder mystery Wishful Seeing. Our fall Membership Campaign is the first and most crucial initiative in our yearly fundraising campaign. Your financial contribution helps us to stay true to our mission: to create and present important thought-provoking Canadian theatre for our audiences and to continue to unearth little-known stories of our region. As the leading charitable, cultural institution in the region, we need your support to ensure that 4th Line Theatre remains healthy for 30 more seasons. The artists, the stories, the audiences and the communities that inspire our work are all key parts of this unique creative enterprise that continues to evolve, improve and flourish. We plan to be here for many years to come. Will you help to ensure that we are?




Kim Blackwell                                                                               

Managing Artistic Director