Why I Loved Godzilla


On Tuesday afternoon I went to see Godzilla at the Galaxy Cinemas in Peterborough, in 3D no less. I so loved this movie not only because we can learn so much from bad films but also because it restored, revitalized my belief in what we do at 4th Line, in the stories we tell about our community and in the way we tell them. To see millions and millions of dollars squandered so mindlessly on such a convoluted, foolhardy film full of stereotypes and bad writing I felt somehow buoyed that the modest expenditures we have at 4th Line are returning much more than the execrable blockbuster films on tap now and I’m sure well into the summer.


At 4th Line we struggle for funds daily, scrape and scratch to try and get grants, corporate support, fundraising dollars. And each year we expend those modest resources on providing our audiences with the work of talented local and national Canadian artists interpreting interesting, moving and informative original dramas about our past. Godzilla squandered millions, and like the monster of the film, tramps around ridiculously and is forgotten the moment it returns to the deep. I hope the stories we unearth resonate and are remembered in our patrons’ minds and hearts for years to come.

Long live theatre. Long live theatre on the Winslow Farm. Long live stories that matter.

Thank you Godzilla for giving me a creative edge going into the summer!


Rob Winslow

Photo by: Lindy Powell