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Shannon Taylor - Winslow Farm painting.jpg

EPIC Women's Directing Project

This program is made possible

with the support of:

4th Line Theatre’s Epic Women’s Directing Project focuses on giving female Canadian directors the opportunity to train and work in the company’s unique community-based model.  According to Equity In Theatre’s website “in terms of artistic directors, directors and playwrights, women in Canada's professional theatre industry have not yet surpassed the 35% employment marker.”


4th Line will make it a priority to hire and train emerging and established Canadian women directors and give them the opportunity to direct in the outdoor, epic, large cast milieu which 4th Line has created over the past 25-30 seasons.  Working under Managing Artistic Director Kim Blackwell and Founder and Creative Director Robert Winslow, women directors will be given the chance to explore epic historical plays in the company’s farm theatre space.

Shannon Taylor - Winslow Farm painting.jpg
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