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"For over 40 years Nexicom has proudly supported the arts in the Kawarthas. From live theatre and photography, to music and dance, Nexicom has recognized the incredibly vital role the Arts play. The Arts bring people and cultures together. Whether through the storytelling of theatre, to the expressive sounds of music, the captured moment of time of a photograph or painting, to the physicality and expressiveness of dance.

For the past 29 years 4th Line Theatre has been one of the cornerstones of the Arts & Culture community in the Kawarthas. Their mission to present, promote, and sustain the performing arts; encourage and support active community involvement; maintain its facility; provide opportunities for local and touring artists to perform in a professional quality venue; entertain, inspire, nurture, educate, and empower artists and audiences alike brings a richness to our community that is felt by all. They strive to enrich the cultural fabric of our community with its continuing celebration of the Arts.

Nexicom is incredibly proud of our 25+ year partnership with 4th Line Theatre. Everyone at 4th Line is dedicated to both the facility and the emotions it brings to their patrons. From the Management and Box Office teams, to the front of house staff and volunteers, the committed people at 4th Line are passionate about bringing art of the highest quality, in a warm and inviting setting. Nexicom shares this passion.

The appreciation and recognition Nexicom have received as part of our sponsorship has been incredible. From award winning comedies, to tear jerking dramas 4th Line will inspire and move you. Big City talent in an intimate and idyllic rural environment. A must visit experience for all.

As a registered non-profit, charitable organization, 4th Line relies solely on fundraising, grants, sponsorships, naming rights, volunteers, memberships, and donations in order to sustain its year-round operations. Nexicom would highly recommend your business consider one of their numerous sponsorship opportunities. Your support can help this wonderful institution continue to bring our community the incredible entertainment we have all grown to love. 

For more information about how you can support this theatrical jewel in the idyllic village of Millbrook please contact Sara Mountenay Marketing & Development Manager at (705) 932-4503"

-Clayton Zekelman, Nexicom (2021)

"Having supported 4th Line Theatre since is its inception in 1992, Nexicom is extremely proud of the relationship we have fostered with the amazing theatre company. From its modest beginnings staging weekend productions in July from the front porch of Robert’s home for 50 guests, to the 40 performance runs throughout the summer to sold out crowds of 350+, 4th Line Theatre has evolved into the quintessential outdoor Canadian Theatre. Located in our idyllic little village, 4th Line has become must see live drama at its finest. We are honoured to support this dynamic cultural institution, and encourage those who have not attended to visit the Winslow Farm for art of the highest quality. You will not be disappointed!"
- John and Paul Downs, Nexicom (2017)

"Soon after arriving in Peterborough in early 1990 I “stumbled” into the music and theatre community in the area. Theatre has become a very important part of our family life both as audience members and active participants. We have come to appreciate that the Arts cannot survive on ticket sales alone. Volunteerism, personal and corporate donations are essential for the success of these programs. Peterborough has been good to me professionally, especially with the success of my clinic Medical Centre Hearing Services. That success has enabled me to give back to the community by supporting the Arts and especially Theatre. I live and work in Peterborough and I am very proud to be an annual corporate sponsor for 4th Line Theatre for the past 12 years.  My staff and families enjoy our night at 4th Line Theatre and have been privileged to watch many wonderful productions in our own back yard, Millbrook."
- Roy Braun, Medical Centre Hearing Services (2017)

"What I have learned about business over the last 34 years is that it is always better to associate yourself with high quality, whether in equipment, products, or advertising, as opposed to aiming just for the lowest price. The other aim of our company, especially over the last 15 years, has been to support locally owned and operated businesses, because that is what we are.  Our association with 4th Line satisfies both of these goals perfectly."

- David Green, Rocky Ridge Water (2017)

For a current list of Corporate Sponsors CLICK HERE

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