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Ticket & Admission Policies

Download or view the PDF version of the Winslow Farm experience

All summer performances are held outdoors at the Winslow Farm, 779 Zion Line, Millbrook, ON. The Farm is open to the public on performance days only, starting at 4 PM.


  • On-site box office is open from 4 PM - 6 PM (pick up all 'Will Call' tickets here)

  • On-site concession barn is open from 4 PM - 5:50 PM and for intermission. 

  • Seating begins at approximately 5:30 PM 

  • All performances begin promptly at 6 PM

If the performance is cancelled due to inclement weather, you will be contacted by a member of our Audience Services team. See more information below in our rain policy. Should you need to make any changes to your order, please contact the box office as soon as possible at 705-932-4445 or

Cameras and recording devices are prohibited. We reserve the right to refuse admittance. Your use of a ticket acknowledges your willingness to appear in photographs and videos taken in public areas of the theatre and releases 4th Line Theatre from any and all liability from use of such photographs and images.

Please wear appropriate footwear and dress for the weather. We suggest jackets and blankets for cooler evenings, rain gear for damp evenings and hats and sun protection for balmy evenings.

Rain Policy: Shows are not cancelled prior to curtain time. In the event that the performance is a rain-out, tickets will be exchanged, at no charge, for another performance (subject to availability). Preview tickets can be upgraded to regular price tickets for another performance date. If you do not arrive at the Farm for the performance and the show goes on, no exchanges will be permitted.

Ticket Exchange Policy: Tickets can only be exchanged with a minimum notice of 72 hours in advance and are subject to availability. A $3.00 per ticket exchange fee will apply. Members exempt.

Handling Fees: Service fees are included in our ticket prices. An additional $5.00 per order applies to online orders.


Refund Policy: There are no refunds. If an alternative date is not available, you may choose to return the tickets for a tax deductible donation receipt, equal to their value, or move your tickets forward by one year.

Tickets: Can be mailed to you up to two weeks prior to performance or picked up at the Farm after 4 pm on the performance night only. Tickets placed on hold will be released after fourteen days, if not purchased. A $2 charge will apply to mailed ticket orders.

Seating: Seating is by general admission on a first-come, first-served basis. Seats are provided. We
suggest that you arrive at the Farm at least 30 minutes before the show starts. Please note that some seats will already be reserved for members, sponsors and group bookings. A significant number of the white chairs are reserved in advance. Patrons waiting in line will be made aware of how many seats are available in the house that are not reserved. Five minutes before each show if a VIP member has not arrived, their seats will be made available to the people waiting in line. You
may want to bring a cushion for your added comfort. Both summer productions will be presented outdoors on the Barnyard Stage.

Accessible Seating: Please let us know, at the time of booking, if you require wheelchair access/assistance or if you have other special seating requirements. You will need to arrive 45 minutes before show time to ensure your seating request. We attempt to accommodate all requests; however we can only guarantee reserved seating for the person that requires it and, subject to
availability, for one other person in the party.

Latecomers: Will be seated at a safe and appropriate point in the performance.

Concession and Picnic Area: Our licensed concession and picnic area opens at 4 pm; drinks and snacks are available. If you have pre-ordered a charcuterie snack box through us, you can pick it up here. You are welcome to bring your own picnic to enjoy before the show. Outside alcohol is not permitted at the Farm.

Children: Children under 5 years of age are not permitted in the theatre. All patrons need to present
a ticket for entry to the performance.

Pets: Pets are not permitted at the Winslow Farm and cannot be left unattended in or around your vehicle.

Show Advisories: 4th Line Theatre does not proactively offer advisories about subject matter, as sensitivities vary from person to person. If you have any questions about content, age appropriateness or stage effects (such as strobe lights or theatrical fog) that might have a bearing on patron comfort, please contact our Box Office at 705-932-4445.

Accessibility Policies & Procedures

Our Commitment: 4th Line Theatre is committed to accessible customer service policies, practices and procedures based on the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity.


Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that all patrons:

  • Are treated with dignity and respect

  • Are given the opportunity to attend performances in a way that is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible

  • Have equal opportunity to access our performances, concerts, events and venues

  • Have access to, and be informed of, all pertinent policies and procedures.

With this in mind, we will continuously take steps to improve the overall accessibility of our patrons’ experience.

Accessible Seating & Picnicking: Please let us know, at the time of booking, if you require wheelchair
access/assistance or if you have other special seating requirements. If you plan to sit in your walker, wheelchair or scooter during a performance, please request this accommodation at the time of booking. We cannot always accommodate sitting on a scooter or walker in specific parts of the theatre as they block the sight lines of patrons behind. There are only a few places where sitting on a scooter or walker is possible.

All patrons who book accessible seating are asked to arrive 45 minutes before show time to ensure your seating request. We attempt to accommodate all requests; however we can only guarantee reserved seating for the person that requires it and, subject to availability, for one other person in the party. 

Upon arrival at the Winslow Farm performance venue, patrons can request temporary seating in the shade near the box office kiosk at the top of the parking field, near the accessible parking spots. An accessible drop-off zone in the picnic area is clearly marked at the top of the laneway at the Winslow Farm.

To facilitate equal access to 4th Line Theatre performances, we offer individualized accessible seating options. All seating is allocated based on availability – accessible seating can be arranged for an individual and one other guest—we can sometimes accommodate, but cannot guarantee, more than one guest to be seated with the guest with accessible seating needs. Some seats are reserved in advance for sponsors and donors, government officials and members of the media. For more information on these services, call 705-932-4445, or toll-free at 800-814-0055.

Support Person: We are committed to welcoming patrons with disabilities who are accompanied by a support person. A support person may help the patron with a variety of things that range from communication to assisting with mobility, personal care, or medical needs. Any support person who accompanies a patron with special needs is eligible for a discounted ticket rate, subject to availability, for any given performance. The support person must remain for the full duration of their visit.

4th Line Theatre staff members are not able to lift, lower, carry, hold, or physically support patrons, including those in a wheelchair. This policy protects the health and safety of both the patron and 4th Line Theatre staff. 

For more information on Accessible Services at our venues or support persons,
please call the Box Office at 705-932-4445, or toll-free at 800-814-0055.

Service Animals: We welcome patrons with disabilities and their service animals.  Service animals are allowed on the parts of our premises that are open to patrons. 

A patron requiring a service animal will be accommodated in select areas of the house where aisle or leg room allows space for the animal and does not obstruct other patrons. Seating will be subject to availability and, therefore, may not be available for all performances on all dates. While accommodating service animals, consideration must also be given to building fire codes and evacuation procedures. 

In circumstances where it is not readily apparent that the animal is a service animal, we reserve the right to ask the patron to provide documentation from a regulated health professional confirming that the person with the disability needs the service animal for reasons relating to his/her disability. 
It is the responsibility of the person using the service animal to maintain control of the animal at all times.


Assistive Devices: 4th Line Theatre can accommodate assistive devices brought into our venue
including wheelchairs, walkers and oxygen tanks. Accessible parking and drop-off area are clearly marked with on-site signage at the top of the parking field at the Winslow Farm. Should a patron require the use of a wheelchair, walker or cane to move about the venue but prefer to sit in a theatre seat for the performance, the Front of House staff will assist with the storing of a support item during the performance. An usher will meet the patron at his/her seat to collect the support item, store it during the performance and return with it at intermission and at the conclusion of the performance.

Babes-in-Arms and Child Policy: Babes-in-arms and children under the age of five years are not permitted in the theatre. Unless advertised as a Children & Family show, we discourage attendance by any child unable to sit quietly through a performance. A ticket must be purchased for a child attending a performance. Young children may be seated in a parent’s, guardian’s, or caregiver’s lap only if they have a ticket and an assigned seat beside that, occupied by the parent. Please contact the Box Office and
speak with one of our representatives regarding the content and length of the production to determine if it seems suitable for your child. Should your child become restless during the performance, management may ask you to leave the theatre.

Breastfeeding mothers can attend the farm theatre site with their baby and a caregiver. The mother can watch the show and 4th Line Theatre will situate the baby and caregiver somewhere quiet, and indoors, on the property for the duration of the performance.

The Human Rights Code also notes the allowance of theatres to restrict attendance in its examples (section X(1) - Age-Based Restrictions and “Child-Free” Spaces) and notes: “The Code prohibits discrimination in services on the basis of age only for persons aged 18 or older. In other words, service providers are entitled, under the Code, to restrict the services they provide to minors.”
Ontario Fire Code states that everyone attending a performance must have an admission ticket and an assigned seat. This policy is in line with industry standards across Canada. This measure is taken to ensure the approved seating capacity of the auditorium is not exceeded and for the safety of all guests.

As a private business, 4th Line Theatre reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Staff Training: In addition to our policies and plans, 4th Line Theatre employees and volunteers are
trained on the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). The training includes:

  • An overview of the AODA 

  • The requirements of the Customer Service Standard 

  • 4th Line Theatre’s plan related to the Customer Service Standard 

  • Instruction on how to interact and communicate with people who have various types of disabilities, both visible and invisible 

  • Instruction on how to interact with people with disabilities who are accompanied by an animal or support person.

This training ensures 4th Line Theatre staff and volunteers are well versed in the Customer Service Standard. Training is provided on an ongoing basis whenever changes are made to our policies, practices and procedures, and as soon as practicable when a new staff member or volunteer joins our team.

Training will also be provided to staff involved in the development of policies, plans, practices and procedures related to the provision of our services to the public.
Training records will be maintained on file.

Feedback Process: 4th Line Theatre is committed to customer service and to providing the best possible experience for our patrons. We urge patrons to provide us with feedback, both positive and negative, in regard to the delivery of our services to persons with disabilities. We encourage your feedback so that we can continually enhance our capabilities and support. Patrons may do so by e-mailing us at, calling 705-932-4445, or toll-free at 800-814-
0055 or posting a letter to the attention of “Accessibility at 4th Line Theatre ,” 4th Line Theatre, PO Box 403, Millbrook ON L0A 1G0.

Information gathered through these channels will be read and reviewed by an appropriate representative at 4th Line Theatre.  We will investigate and assess the feedback for appropriate action.  A response, if required, will be made in a timely manner. In these situations, customers can expect to hear back from us within two business days.

To ensure that our feedback process is accessible to patrons with disabilities, we will provide or arrange for accessible formats and communication support, upon request.

Information & Documentation: 4th Line Theatre’s Accessibility Policies may be requested in various font sizes by e-mailing us at or by calling 705-932-4445 or toll-
free at 800-814-0055. We will also post a notice at the 4th Line Theatre box office to notify patrons that our documents related to accessible customer service are available upon request. If a patron with a disability requests a copy, it will be provided in a timely manner and in a format that takes into account the person’s disability. Please contact us with any questions.

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