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Our Mission

To preserve and promote our Canadian cultural heritage through the development and presentation of regionally based, environmentally staged, historical dramas.

Our Artistic Vision

Our Mandate

To develop and present original Canadian works of artistic excellence that explore regional themes, history and heritage, and to present this work in a politically responsible and culturally sensitive manner.  Through this process we seek to encourage innovation and experimentation resulting in productions that entertain and educate.

Commitment to local culture and history, artistic exploration and excellence, authenticity of presentation, innovative staging, community involvement, development of regional artists, and exploration of an environmental theatre aesthetic are the key guiding artistic principles of 4th Line Theatre.  These elements create for the audience a sense of complete immersion in the struggles of our forebears.


We aspire to create projects where community involvement and professional commitment mutually engage and inspire one another; linking young people to the company’s professional artists and community elders. Our method of bringing history to life makes our work distinctive on the national Canadian theatre stage. Few Canadian theatres have committed so strongly to the ongoing chronicling and exploration of a region’s culture and past.

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4th Line Theatre is a not-for-profit, cultural, charitable organization that heavily relies on monetary donations, ticket sales, government funding, advertising and sponsorship support to ensure our success year after year.

Charitable Registration #13762 2866 RR0001

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