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Programs & Opportunities

Shannon Taylor - Winslow Farm painting.jpg

As a company focused on the values of imagination, integrity, collaboration, empowerment, and sustainability in all we do, 4th Line Theatre is committed to creating positive and healthy workspaces for our artists and communities.


4th Line Theatre  acknowledges the complex ways in which race, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, colour, religion or creed, sex, age, ability, health status, caregiving status, marital status, class, sexual orientation and gender identity and gender presentation affect our interactions with each other.


4th Line Theatre acknowledges that historically oppressive systems and structures, such as settler colonialism, heteropatriarchy, anti-Black, anti-Indigenous racism, and white supremacy affect and act as barriers to safe and productive workspaces. We recognize the mutual responsibility of 4th Line Theatre and our workers to resist systems of oppression, interrogate our inherent biases, recognize and report instances of workplace discrimination and harassment, and actively create safe and respectful workspaces for all.

Shannon Taylor - Winslow Farm painting.jpg
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