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Jeff Braunstein

Production & Site Operations Manager - 

The Tilco Strike, The Cavan Blazers

Jeff has been working as a theatre professional for over 50 years in Canada and the U.S. as a performer and director. He worked extensively in theatre, television and film. He worked last summer at 4th Line and is pleased to be back for this season. Jeff has worked at Talk is Free Theatre in Barrie as production manager for the past five years on numerous productions. Jeff is also the Founder and Artistic Producer of Asterix Productions, a corporate communication company producing live musical theatre and videos for major corporations across the world. Jeff was the President of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association for six years and prior to that was also vice president for six years. Jeff was the President of PAL Canada for two terms which has eight chapters from Halifax to Vancouver. Jeff is a resident of Bala, ON.

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