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Two young adults on vintage style bikes

The Great Shadow

Written by Alex Poch-Goldin

About The Great Shadow:

In The Great Shadow, set in the roaring ‘20s, the stars of the silver screen are heading to Canada as Trenton, Ontario embarks on a quest to become Hollywood North. Sparks fly in this world premiere when small-town Ontario residents collide with the Hollywood elites. From Alex Poch-Goldin, the playwright who brought you The Right Road to Pontypool and The Bad Luck Bank Robbers, The Great Shadow is a raucous comedy, packed with romance and intrigue in the golden age of film.

Production history of  The Great Shadow:

The Great Shadow by Alex Poch-Goldin premiered as part of 4th Line Theatre's 2022 season. 

Inquiries for perusal of The Great Shadow can be directed towards
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