Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators

4th Line Theatre is pleased to announce that it has again been invited to participate in the Ontario Arts Council’s Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators program. Through this program, a select number of Ontario’s professional theatres are given the opportunity to recommend writing or creation grants to professional theatre artists who apply. This year, 4th Line Theatre will be allocating funding to Ontario artists who demonstrate an ability to accomplish their artistic goals, with preference toward culturally diverse playwrights/collectives, artists living with a disability, regional playwrights and projects/creators that align with our mandate – to promote and preserve Canadian cultural heritage and history. The minimum grant recommendation is $1,000 and the maximum is $5,000.


Applications are to be submitted through Nova, the OAC's online grant application system. 

If you have any questions, please contact Jess McDougall at 705-932-4505 or


More information and application forms are available on the program website:


Submissions will be accepted by 4th Line Theatre until the deadline, January 17, 2020 by 1:00 p.m.

Recommendations will be made after the deadline.

Read more about the program and application process here


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