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Collage of images from various productions of The Cavan Blazers

The Cavan Blazers

Written by Robert Winslow

About The Cavan Blazers:

The Cavan Blazers depicts the conflict between the Catholics and Protestants (the Blazers) in the Cavan Township during the early to mid nineteenth century. Both groups are of Irish descent and feared for the erasure of their religious beliefs and culture. The tension and conflict in Ireland trickled into the Cavan Township, which led to both groups feeling as though they had fallen victim to the other religion. It iss also historically important that the Protestants were the majority of the population, far out numbering the Catholics in the area.

Production history of  The Cavan Blazers:

The Cavan Blazers is one of most interesting and epic plays in the 4th Line canon. 4th Line’s Founder, Robert Winslow, began writing the play in the early 1980s as a response to the more overt racism in the place he was raised. As well he was following the Yugoslav Wars which began in mid 1991. Robert was deeply impacted by the cultural and ethnic cleansing and genocides of these wars. The Cavan Blazers explores place and what can happen when two groups of people both claim to have the historical legitimacy to call the same place their true homeland. The Cavan Blazers was the first play produced in 1992 under the 4th Line Theatre name. It set the bar for epic elements in our shows as it has a cast of 50, horses, chickens, fire and huge fights. The play is a true community affair with professional actors onstage with local volunteer actors. The age range of the performers is from 75 years young to seven months old! The play explores the settler experience in the 1850s and what happens here in Canada when the old hurts and angers from the homeland are brought over as well. This play has been produced at 4th Line Theatre in 1992, 1993, 1996, 2001, 2004, 2011, and most recently in 2023

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